Compatible with Sharp AR-SC2, Type J1/K, Box of 3
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Compatible with Sharp Type J1/Type K

OEM# AR-SC2, ARSC2 (3 Cartridges/Box, 5000 Staples per Box)

For Use in

Sharp ARBC260, ARBC320, ARBC320J

Sharp ARC260, ARC260M, ARC260P

Sharp ARF13, ARFN11, ARFN7, ARFX2

Sharp ARM257, ARM280, ARM280N, ARM280N+

Sharp ARM280U, ARM280U+

Sharp ARM317, ARM350, ARM350N, ARM350N+

Sharp ARM355N, ARM355U, ARM355UJ

Sharp ARM450, ARM455N, ARM455NA, ARM455U

Sharp ARP350, ARP450

Sharp DM3551, DM3551F

Sharp MX-2300N, MX-2700N, MX-4110N, MX-5500N

Sharp MX-6200N, MX-6240N, MX-6580N

Sharp MX-7000N, MX-7040N, MX-7580N

Sharp MX-FN11, MX-FN18, MX-FN19, MX-FN20
Sharp MX-FN24, MX-FN25, MX-FN29
Sharp MX-FNX6, MX-FNX7
Sharp MX-M350N, M350NA
Sharp MX-M450N, MX-M450U
Sharp MX-M850
Sharp MX-RB11
  • Item #: SHA-115

Compatible with Sharp AR-SC2, Type J1/K, Box of 3

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